Knott Mechanical | Plumbing – Service and Repair
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At Knott Mechanical, we like to be equipped for anything. No matter what your plumbing situation is, we’re here for you from start to finish.


Knott Mechanical provides a full service plumbing repair experience. From diagnosing the issue to completing the repair, we have the right technician. Here are a few examples of the plumbing services and repairs we are equipped to handle:

  • Sewer and kitchen line back ups
  • Sink and faucet repair
  • Waste and overflow
  • Toilets and urinals
  • Water heater issues
  • Water service / supply leaks
  • Valve replacement
  • Camera work for sewer and drains


We’ve helped keep Central Maryland’s water system flowing consistently for almost 50 years.



Careers Knott Mechanical


We’re always looking for new faces to join our team of top techs.


When you join our team, you become apart of the Knott Family. That’s why we’ve deployed a cutting-edge approach to our HR process.






We guarantee data-driven solutions and reliable service for every customer.


Jonas allows us to promise you reliable and communicative service you won’t find anywhere else.


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Talk to one of our Plumbing specialists to get your drains running smoothly.