Knott Mechanical | Building Automation – Preventative Maintenance
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Our goal is to keep your facilities running at optimum efficiency and eliminate downtime preventing premature equipment failure and insuring your occupants stay comfortable.


With any large investment you make there is always a need for protections. Your building automation system is no different. Our planned building automation maintenance program is designed to protect and enhance your buildings overall operation. By ensuring your systems are performing efficiently you will safeguard the investment in your building automation system.


The goal of our BAS preventative maintenance program is to reduce facility costs, extend the life of your mechanical equipment, ensure your facilities occupants are comfortable and can perform at an optimal level and identify future cost savings opportunities. Our program can be customized to meet the needs of your facility.

  System Database Backup

  Review Control System Sequences

  License / Software Version Revision Update

  Hardware Inspection

  Communication Assurance

  Sensor Inspection

  Preferred Response Time

  Set Point / Schedule / Points Adjustments

  Alarm Review / System Points / Trending

  Tenant improvement projects

Current Contracted Systems


Knott Mechanical has extensive experience operating multiple building automation controls systems. Knott Mechanical is currently contracted to manage the following building automation control systems:

Niagara 4
Johnson Controls
Niagara AX Framework


Knott Mechanical has been recognized as a Honeywell Building Control Specialist from 2011 to 2017.



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