Knott Mechanical | Plumbing – Jetting, Drain Cleaning, Camera Services, Drain Location Services
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When it comes to drain services, we like to tell our clients Knott to worry. Our team will have your drains and pipes running smoothly with minimal downtime.


Knott Mechanical offers commercial drain cleaning services using the latest in technology and proprietary solutions. Here are a few of the drain cleaning services we offer:

  24/7 emergency drain cleaning

  Drain cleaning contracts

  Drain line inspections with color cameras

 Sewer and drain hydrojetting 

 Drain jetting contracts

 Root control programs

The right tools for the right job


In addition to our great service and experienced plumbing staff, Knott Mechanical also features exclusive equipment and products to better suit your commercial plumbing needs. Our tow-behind jetting machine for example, literally destroys clogs. Its powerful 4000-psi cleaning action can remove anything that’s stuck in your pipe. We also employ a proprietary jet foam solution used to break down grease and wash it away cleanly. It’s even completely environmentally friendly approved by the EPA for use in any grease build-up situation.


Jetting and KTrack


Using our proprietary KTrack software, a full copy of your jetting contract is available to our plumbers in the field. With KTrack, they have access to your building’s plumbing information, including jetting procedure and equipment list. This allows them to know the location of every drain, what tools to use, and all without disturbing your tenants or staff.


All Knott Mechanical plumbers are equipped with the following drain cleaning equipment:

  4000-psi tow-behind jetting machines

  Heavy duty sewer augers

  Sewer cameras


We’ve helped keep Central Maryland’s water system flowing consistently for almost 50 years.



Careers Knott Mechanical


We’re always looking for new faces to join our team of top techs.


When you join our team, you become apart of the Knott Family. That’s why we’ve deployed a cutting-edge approach to our HR process.





Ktrack - data driven solutions


We guarantee data-driven solutions and reliable service for every customer.


KTrack allows us to promise you reliable and communicative service you won’t find anywhere else.



Talk to one of our plumbing specialists about jetting, drain cleaning, camera services or drain location services today.