Knott Mechanical | Plumbing – Backflow Certification
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When it comes to drain services, we like to tell our long-standing clients, “Push the Knott Button, Drain the Pipe.”


Backflow Prevention


If you’re not sure whether your building’s backflow preventer is currently certified, you could be putting your employee or tenant’s health at risk. Many things can cause a back-flow situation in your building, creating suction within your building’s faucets. Backflow preventers stop suction from occurring, keeping foreign substances from entering your building’s drinking water. Without this critical yet commonly overlooked component, your building’s drinking water could be polluted with any number of harmful chemicals.


Be Certain. Be Certified.


Compliance may also help in reducing your liability. Note: If you are responsible for cross-connection (whether unprotected, improperly protected, or out-of-date service) and a backflow event occurs, you may be liable for the resultant sickness, death or property damage. Let Knott put your backflow under contract and we will contact you every year when it’s time to test and certify.


We’ve helped keep Central Maryland’s water system flowing consistently for almost 50 years.

Want to prepare your building for plumbing emergencies?